Saturday, October 24, 2009

church has left the building!!

We had an amazing night last night at church! We’re currently running a ‘Church has left the building’ conference in our place. It’s something we’ve done a couple of times now, letting people come and learn how to do the ‘healing on the streets’ model of praying for people in their town centers, or wherever the Lord has opened up for them to go. At the moment there are over 600 churches in 21 nations who have been trained by Mark Marx (on staff with us here), or at our conferences - and everywhere the Lord is doing the most incredible healings!!!! More than ever we are sure that there is no ‘harder place’ than anywhere else. God is at work in the world!!!

This conference is especially wonderful because Chad and Julia Dedmon are with us from CA. These guys just have a fire in their bellies. They are convinced that God is as powerful as He says He is, and that He is Lord of the whole world. They will pray for anyone with any condition in any situation, and because of that they have seen such incredible outpourings of the Holy Spirit - both in encounters with God, and in healing for people who are just out and about doing their ordinary thing with no real thought for God at that moment. I LOVE that!!! It absolutely stirs you up again to hang out with people like this - you come away encouraged and excited to be salt and light - naturally supernatural.

I so love that we don’t have to get weird, we just have to be available. It’s the willingness to ask the Lord to come and do what only He can do - and then get a front row seat as He does ‘heaven numbers’ on people :) I’m up for that!!! In fact, I’m desperately hungry for that.... Let your Kingdom come Lord!!!!!!

p.s. If you are interested in hearing more about ‘Healing on the Streets’, or if you’d like to read some of the stories of what God is doing in Northern Ireland and in other parts of the UK, you can check out

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Does God want to heal?

Church was wonderful this morning. Alan was teaching about healing - emotional, physical, spiritual - everywhere that we need healed. He spoke about the questions around it - saying that he has a whole lot of 'I don't knows' when it comes to this subject, but that he wants to get to the end of his days on earth and be able to say he wasn't afraid to ask God to heal. I love that!

He made a great point - does God want to heal? In Luke 4 it says that Jesus was sent by the Father to 'bind up the broken hearted, bring sight to the blind, release those in prison from their chains'. And when you look at what Jesus' life - that's exactly what he set about doing. Because Jesus is the same today as He was then, we can trust that not only does God want to heal, He's ready to do it right now.... even though there are times that when we pray nothing happens.

Sometimes it's less risky, even for the health of our own faith, to step away from the call to at least ask. Sometimes it's easier not to engage with the God who heals because of the risk of disappointment when He doesn't. Sometimes it's easier to not ask for any answers rather than run the risk of having to deal with bigger questions. But what if there's more of the 'now' of the Kingdom for us than we thought before? What if in the midst of unanswered prayers for healing, some get the breakthrough their lives depended on? I don't want to miss it for those who will be healed, because I was too afraid to deal with the fact that some don't get healed... even though I don't understand the dynamics behind it all.

It's not a very comfortable road. It's a road I'm committed to walking though for the rest of my life. I have to be a 'Kingdom carrier' even if it doesn't always work out the way I longed for because the truth is, there are many times when the Kingdom does come in the most glorious & miraculous ways. When it comes to praying for people to healed I'd rather be willing to 'mess up' than 'miss out'... so I'm going to keep trying; I'm going to keep asking. "Let your Kingdom come Father - on earth as it is in Heaven!!"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

going home

Wow! I can hardly believe that I get to go home today!!

We have had a great time together on this tour! The presence of the Lord has been so thick as we’ve led worship together, and watched ‘heaven touch the room’ during beautifully intimate moments in songs like ‘Holy God’, ‘Glorious’, and ‘I Belong’. I feel so privileged to get to do this with my friends - and so see songs that we’ve written doing what they written for. Every time I write a song it’s done with the express purpose of helping someone else connect the dots between their heart and the Father’s. Nothing touches me deeper than seeing that happen right there in the room as we sing the song. Amazing!! I’m never going to get tired of that!

The tour was also a lot of fun in the sleeping dept :) The tour bus was an amazing bus - but it’s still a bus, and it moves! Sleeping in a bed that moves is definitely an art form, and one that I’m not well versed in yet. We did three nights in a row - and I think we were all pretty wiped by the time we stepped off that part of the tour. Hotels are definitely my preferred option ;)

We do however get to do this all again next month!! (including the bus.... gulp). I don’t know if you live anywhere near Cleveland OH, but if you do, maybe you would like to book in for the next Deeper conference. I just think you would love every minute of it, and there’s still time to register. You can check out the details at

We’ll also be doing concerts in Boston, Buffalo and Pittsburg while we make our way down to Virginia Beach for another worship conference. I’d so encourage you to make it along if you can. There is something really unique about having three people leading worship together, who are seasoned writers and leaders, and also great friends. It really has been something else in those meetings - I’d hate for you to miss it :)



p.s. thank you SO much to all of you who have written to me, or spoken to me at conferences or concerts. Your encouragement, and the way you’ve told me the stories of how the Lord has met with you has refreshed me to the core! Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I’m so grateful!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hungry: some photos from the tour

some photos from the tour

I just put up some photos from the first part of the tour. I'll keep posting more as we travel. If you'd like to have a look, just click the link... K

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

on the road again

we are already having a LOT of fun together!!! I can still hardly believe that I get to do what I do with such great friends. Don't you love that life is meant to lived in community? God knew what He was doing when He set up the local church... even with the difficulties that sometimes come with it, it's the most wonderful way to work out our stuff, and become more like Jesus.

This tour got started in Indian Rocks near Tampa on Monday night. I got in at 12.30am the night before after a 23 hour journey from home. Really did get a good sleep that night though, and when you're working through the day it helps sort out your rhythm jet lag wise - so I haven't suffered too badly.

Today, we've made our way to Ocala, and we have a tour bus!!! I have never done the tour bus thing before - I'll let you know how I sleep over the next few nights :) But, I'm feeling optimistic that it'll be alright.

We get to stay in a hotel tonight - I'm in the room right now, and it's really nice. I just wish Al could be here too!! We do a concert here tonight, then get a full day off tomorrow, and hit the road at 1am tomorrow night for the long drive to Augusta in Georgia. I'm so excited to see places I've never been before, and I love getting to meet new people too!!

I'll try and write some more in a few days time to let you know the state of play.... and I'll post more pics.