Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What a month this is turning out to be!!! I am going to record the album live in Bethel Church Redding, CA. We are going to do two nights of worship. The first is the end of the Prophetic conference that is being held next week - and as far as I know it's already booked out.

The second night will be Bethel's Sunday night church service 6pm.

I can hardly believe the way the Lord has put all of the pieces together. It honestly feels like a dream come true, and I am very much expecting the Lord to do what He does so beautifully: heal people, set them free, turn lives inside out, and restore over and again what was lost. I am SO excited to be even a tiny part of that!!!

If you are able to come for the Sunday, I would be absolutely overjoyed to have you there!!!

If not though, it won't be too long until you'll be able to 'be there' through the album too - I'll keep you posted both on how it goes, and on when the album will be released.

God bless!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn! We've never met but I feel as if we have. We are originally from San Francisco area but moved to Scotland in 1998. We loved to listen to your songs there in Scotland and continued to when we moved to Redding in 2006. I was thrilled to see that you will be here in Redding this week! I teach the 3rd grade class at Bethel's Elementary School which is on same site as the church. Would you possibly be willing to share at one of our chapels for our young people on Feb. 23 or 24? You may be busy, but let me know if you'd consider sharing your testimony and a song or two??? My email is

18 February, 2010 02:44  
Anonymous Mike, Oxford said...

Ah well... p'rhaps I won't be coming to the recording after all... California's a bit further to travel than Coleraine! :-)

Have a really good time; trust for and exalt in the presence of the Lord.

With love and prayers.

18 February, 2010 14:59  
Blogger Diane said...

Hi Kathryn,
I think this is the same Kathy we knew 14 yrs ago. This is Diane and Mark Peterson. We were in the SOD together in the Aldergrove Vineyard. We live here in Redding.
Just heard you were here. So fun.
Would be great to see you.God is good. Such a small world.

27 February, 2010 03:23  
Blogger Peggi Billman said...

I was at the Friday night of Piercing the Darkness and enjoyed the "surprise" of having you and Brian lead in worship. I texted my son (also a worshipper) in PA. You're one of his favorites and he wanted me to get your latest CD for him but I couldn't find it in the store there at Bethel. I will look for it, though and buy 2 now that I've been blessed through your worship also! Love your original songs especially!

01 March, 2010 00:18  
Blogger Diane said...

Wrong Kathy,
Sorry. :)

01 March, 2010 21:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,

Please can you let me know when your new CD will be available to purchase. I am so excited to listen to it I can't wait! Hope all went well in the States and you get home to Alan and the girls love, Katrinaxx

03 March, 2010 14:21  
Anonymous Robin Harvey said...

Hi Kathryn from a sunny Johannesburg! We happened to be part of your worship session on the last night of the prophetic conference at Bethel. We got back home this week. What God did through your worship was profound. Such a theme of healing broken hearts and freedom from the orphan spirit. I have never heard your song "we still believe" before, but what an anthem of victory! I am waiting with anticipation for your cd to be released and I will be first in line. Bless you.

04 March, 2010 08:41  
Blogger Jeremy and Christy said...


First of all, I want to thank you for the worship songs you have written. Your songs touch my spirit and put me in the presence of God like none other that I know. Something about the words and the spirit with which you record moves me so deeply into God's presence. Thank you for taking the risk of recording them for us. They are such a blessing to me.

I am a worship leader at my church and I also play the piano while leading. I have enjoyed your piano playing and would like to learn how to play in a similar manner. I have looked for piano sheet music for your songs, but haven't been able to find any that are similar to the way your songs are recorded. Thus far, I play the songs from chord charts, but would love to see some sheet music with detailed notes. Do you know where I could purchase such a thing?

Thanks so much for the help. I look forward to worshipping with you the next time you are in Oregon/Washington.

I pray often for the Lord's leading in your life because I believe that He using you to touch the hearts of my generation in a very unique way.


11 March, 2010 03:19  
Blogger Pam said...

Would love to hear about what's happening with you now, Katheryn!
I loved seeing you and the others in Mobile, AL back in November 2010.
"We Still Believe" is such a powerful song. Thank you for sharing.

31 January, 2011 18:12  

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