Thursday, December 03, 2009

life since the tour

I’m so sorry for the long silence since I got home from the US. I’ve actually been home for three weeks today, and have no idea where all that time went to!

I do need to tell you a wonderful story from one of the nights on tour. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that I’m really trying to hear and sense what the Lord is doing in the room when I’m leading worship - and when I catch even the faintest glimpse of what I think it is, I either sing it out or say what I think God is doing. To be honest, I’ve been doing this in faith, not always sure if it’s hitting the mark or not. Since I’ve started doing this (it’s just over two years now consistently), sometimes people have come and told me what God has done, whether it’s been healing, or emotional release, and I’ve been deeply encouraged - and sometimes I haven’t known whether or not I heard right. As I’ve said before though, I would rather mess it up than miss it!!

Well, while we were on tour this last time I went for a few healing things. In one concert 6 or 7 people raised their hands to say that God had healed them right there in the middle of the set! I was thrilled!! In that same meeting I gave a word that God was healing people with foot conditions. Usually, I’ll just give the word and then move on to the next song.... I figure that if it’s the Lord, He’ll just do it, and if I got it wrong then there’s no need to linger on it :) Well, I got an email from a lady this past weekend to say that it’s been four weeks since we were in her city and I gave that word. She had arthritis in her foot, and a lump on one of the bones that was going to require surgery (she was due to have that this month). On that night the pain left her foot! Then, over the next few weeks she waited to see if it was properly healed. I love that by the way, it’s a great thing to make sure!! After a couple of weeks she realized that not only was the pain not coming back, but the lump had disappeared!! She was able to go to her doctor who gave her the all clear and told her she no longer needed surgery! HOW GREAT IS THE LORD?!!!!!

So, I’m feeling really encouraged by that! I’m also really enjoying being home again without any imminent travel for a couple of months. It’s been wonderful to get into the rhythm of the winter (even though it’s a little dreary at times), and just breathe in again!! We also got to pick up our new puppy this week - and actually, the season is just right to give the time and attention to him that he needs!! He’s a little black lab - as you can see from his picture here - he’s 8 weeks old, and we’ve called him Charlie! He already is VERY much a part of our family!!! I had no idea I would love a dog so much! I’m feeling grown up :)

I so hope you are doing well too, and that life in this new season is starting to feel like a good fit. I always find the transition into winter a slightly bumpy ride - just because I love the sunlight so much, and it gets dark here in Northern Ireland over these few months. It’s when I learn to listen to the rhythm of the new season - the ‘deep rest’ of winter - and allow my rhythm to join in time, that I start to settle again and love the ‘time that I’m in’.

God bless!!! I’ll write a little sooner the next time ;)



Anonymous Mike (Oxford) said...

But is Charlie a Protestant or a Catholic??!!! (I've heard the 'Bunny' story from your Mum! :-) )

Have a wonderful happy and blessed Christmas!

14 December, 2009 22:19  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Oh Mike, you made me laugh!!!! Great story isn't it :) Have a cracking Christmas!!! Love, The Scotts

15 December, 2009 14:43  
Blogger agus said...

Shalom, I'm from indonesia. I'm a Christian! Thanks for a wonderfull and powerfull song in "when i survey a Wondrous cross" ! i realize that so big our god love to us! Sorry, my english is bad!
Merry Christmas!

26 December, 2009 14:48  
Anonymous Violeta said...

Dear sister ,

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29 December, 2009 18:58  
Blogger sooze said...

I say Thanks be to God and Hallelujah! I am so glad that you are pressing into the Holy Spirit during your concerts! He will move where there is belief! He loves your sincere heart and wants to move through you, developing more believers in His divine power while in the midst of your music.

25 February, 2010 20:29  

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