Monday, November 02, 2009

back in the USA

I LOVE coming to America!!! It’s such a wonderful place. I love the hunger of people everywhere I go to meet with God and spend time in His presence - and I love the opportunity that we all have after that, to take His presence into the streets, into our work places, to our friends, to people just ‘out there’ who haven’t met Him yet. Being a disciple is the most exhilarating life I can imagine!!!

We (Paul Baloche, Brian Doerksen, the band and I) are on the road again for our second ‘Deeper’ tour. I so loved the last tour in October - and am excited to see what will happen this time around too.

At the moment we are in Cleveland OH at Cuyahoga Valley Church. We’re doing a two day conference here with a worship concert tomorrow night - it’s already sold out, but you might be able to squeeze in if you come along :)

On Thursday we’re making our way to Pittsburgh for another worship concert. If you live near there and you’d like to come, we would so love to see you there. It’ll be at South Hills Bible Chapel in McMurray PA.

Friday night we’ll be in Eastern Hills Wesleyan church in Buffalo, NY. Saturday in Boston, MA at Grace Chapel. And then Monday and Tuesday next week we’ll be doing the conference again at Wave Church Virginia Beach, VA.

If you are hungry for God, ready to spend some time just soaking again in His presence, then these concerts are something you would really enjoy!! If you are part of a worship team and would love to get your guys along to something that will help encourage them along the way - both with practical teaching and really wonderful times of worship, then you would love the conferences.

There is still time :) You can check it out at

Would love to see you there!!



Blogger A life spend ... said...

Hallo Kathrine, we are part of a new church plant in Melbourne Australia.
We have been part of River Church, also in Cleveland. Very exiting that you guys are there! Lots of blessing on your tour. Any idea if you might come here?
Love in Him who holds us all together.
PS: thank you for your music, that leads to Jesus...

03 November, 2009 07:16  
Blogger R. Bailey Allen said... was wonderful being ushered into God's presence in Va. Beach by you, Brian & Paul. I'm looking forward to your next album as you truly have a heart after God's own heart. God Bless you. Please check out my music ministry at and I pray it is a blessing to you as your gift has been so meaningful for me.

13 November, 2009 07:53  
Anonymous Pat Shiels said...

Hi Kathryn
I was at the November 2-3 Integrity Worship Seminar in Cleveland Ohio. My foot was healed as a result of your Spirit-led prayer! I had to write and tell you. I was reluctant to believe it but it has been weeks now since the seminar and the pain from the arthritic lump is gone. I was going to schedue foot surgery in December and now there is no reason to do so - because the lump on the bone is gone!

28 November, 2009 02:31  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Dearest Pat,

thank you SO much for writing to me and letting me know this incredible story!!! I'm so thrilled that the Lord healed you! He is AWESOME!!!! And I'm so encouraged that the word I gave was accurate! Thank you again for letting me know! God bless you over and over again!!!!


p.s. To Natalie and R. Bailey - thank you so much for your comments too - N, I don't know if we can ever get down under, but how fun would that be?! And R, thank you for your encouragement! God bless you both too! K

29 November, 2009 18:27  

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