Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My kids are heading back to school on Thursday. I cannot believe how quickly the summer has gone!! And what a summer! It's been so full!

It's funny how on the run up to the summer break you are just holding out for those slightly slower mornings, and the opportunity to hang out a little more as a family, and all the fun things you have been waiting for school to end so that you could do. And then the summer actually comes - and it's crazy!!

Those of you who have been following me on twitter will know that we packed our time with swimming lessons, holiday Bible clubs, gymnastic classes, New Wine conference, and then a trip just a couple of weeks ago to the US (for a little chill time and some ministry too).

And of course, we are in the process of buying land as a church, and working through all of the twists and turns that come with that. It's new territory. It's 'full' territory.

So, here I am on the verge of another new season and looking forward to the rhythm that comes with it. Aware and determined again to make sure that we stay 'fuelled and aflame' as a family, but personally too.

Rhythm often offers a real opportunity to make that happen. You just have to be intentional about it - write it into your diary - and stick to it :)

How does it work for you? What are some of the ways you stayed connected to the Lord, present for your family, and alive on the inside?



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