Wednesday, July 01, 2009

update on things here

I have the joy of setting off to the airport in just a little while to pick up the lovely Baloche family. I am SO excited about the concert this weekend. I promise to take pics and post them here next week too - just in case you live too far away to come :)

I’ve spent this morning working on a worship book contribution for Lex Buckley. I’m just writing a few paragraphs on things I’ve learnt over the years. I honestly love passing on what I’ve found out along the way. It’s amazing to think that other worship leaders will have a look at that, and then take it further than I ever could.... and of course, pass it on to the people in their sphere of influence too. It’s just the way Jesus taught us to do things too.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and comments over the last few weeks. I love hearing from you!!! It feels like we get to share life together, even though we are living in all sorts of different places - and yet journeying so many of the same things at the same time. Community!!!



Blogger Dawn said...

Hi there,

I've just been to your website, and I think the design is great. :) Forgive me if this is the wrong spot to leave a music question: I have a question about one of your songs, "Heaven is Our Home"...I've spoken with Integrity, and there is currently no split trax or otherwise for singing it at my church. I would desperately love to share it with my congregation, and am wondering if accompaniment will be available any time soon, or if you could request a special order for one. It's been on my heart for the past year since I first heard it, and the uplifting message is just what I would love to help my church family focus on. Thanks in advance for your reply...and thank you for sharing such God-filled music in your ministry around the world.

02 July, 2009 16:12  
Anonymous Dustin said...

Wow, I never knew who wrote this song!! I remember back in the day when I first learned drums, playing this!! Awesome song. Still hum it to this day! We should do some conferences together? Our band would love it. If you would like a copy of our album, would love to get that to you. We just released it. Let me know!



16 July, 2009 22:21  

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