Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the preaching went well :)

Well, I preached about 10 days ago, and it went well - I think ;)

If you'd like to hear how it went, you can check out - the sermon is called 'when you arms are full'.



Blogger Erin said...

Kathryn-I can't tell you how perfectly this ministered to me at this point in my life. Our family has been in a waiting pattern for over 2 years, waiting to move and waiting in an adoption process with lots of ups and downs. Just last month, God decided to pour it all on at once! :) We're about to welcome home our #5 from Ethiopia and to move all within 2 months from now. Whew! Crazy, but amazing. I've struggled with so many emotions - finally seeing these dreams come true and blessing pour down, my arms SO full to overflowing, but so overwhelmed at the same time. Thanks for the perspective - and for being used!

03 April, 2009 13:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love your songs. I just found the song Creator King recently and have been so touched by the lyrics -a gift from God to my heart when I needed it.
Thank you so much for your ministry.

Kandi M.

03 April, 2009 18:30  

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