Friday, March 13, 2009

Back on Irish soil :)

I had an amazing time in Miami last weekend.

Paul Baloche, Brian Doerksen, Lincoln Brewster and I led worship and taught together - that was a LOT of fun!!! Ross Parsley was there too - he was fantastic!!!

It was broadcast to other satellite venues across the USA - so 5000 people attended in total. Modern technology is a wonderful thing!!

I got home on Monday morning - and have been working through the haze of jet lag this week - on top of the usual Mummy things that go on in a week :) It's been a lot of fun.

Tonight is our weekly 'go out for tea with the kids' night - I'm super looking forward to that - and of course, the kids adore the rhythm of a regular fun thing to do together...

Will write again soon - hope you are all well!


Blogger rtsimplicity said...

I am an Ulster lad (not a wee one anymore though) whose parents came to Canada as missionaries, just a few months before the Troubles began. For years I wept over the Troubles and the sectarianism. When I was a pastor in the Vineyard here in Canada, I was delighted to discover what God was doing through the Vineyard in the old country. I heard you sing, and I wondered at the time if you were an Irish colleen. Then after purchasing some other Vineyard music I discovered you were. I wanted you to know that your passion for the Lord has richly blessed the lives of my wife and daughters and myself. Ten years ago I left the Vineyard to become a house church planter/church planting coach, without the structures of traditional church. I coach and facilitate body life/church in people's homes. In fact just last night, we began a new one, and had a couple of your trax for worship. Again, the Lord moved by His Spirit and touched the lives of the nine people who gathered. I just had to say "thanks" for being an obedient servant, and for being a facilitator of worship. Even through recordings, you impact the lives of ordinary people and assist in drawing us closer to the Lord. God bless you, your family, and those that gather with you in your local fellowship. You have an Ulsterman praying for you, over here in Canada.
"Wee" Sammy from Belfast, living in Waterloo, ON, Canada.

14 March, 2009 14:21  

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