Wednesday, December 17, 2008

some photos from the tour

Thought it was about time I put up some photos from the tour :)
Here goes...
back stage in Abbotsford             

the concert in Steinbach
look at our gate number!! It says 'U2' (so rock'n roll!!!)

me and Philip Janz - great, great guy and wonderful musician!!!
Terry (sound guy) & Pete (bass) - lovely guys!!                                     

and this is the famous Calum Rees! (incredible drummer!!!)
Brian outside the hotel in Ottawa                            

my lovely friend Cindy who came with me to CMS in Seattle

There's more to come.... I'll post them in the next few days :)



Blogger sharon said...

I saw you in Calgary - it was awesome! Thank you so much for writing and sharing your songs with us all! After hearing "I Belong" for the first time that night I have listened to it so often. It has spoke so much truth into my life right now. Thank you.

25 December, 2008 05:10  
Blogger Erin said...

Just wanted to let you know how much your songs have blessed me - I discovered you a couple of years ago when I joined my church's worship team. My hubby bought me both of your albums for Christmas on iTunes and our whole family has been listening to them all week (it's so fun to hear our 4 yr. old sing along in the backseat.) :)

Your pure voice and beautiful melodies really lead my heart into worship. Thank you for using your gifts! You're an inspiration to me!

30 December, 2008 22:50  
Anonymous dawn said...

Hi Kathryn
I am a presenter on a radio station in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, called "Kingfisher FM"
This week you are my "artist of the week." :)
The response we're getting is great! What we love most about your music is the heart of worship that it comes from! It makes me lift my hands and join in! When I listen to your songs I have the most intense desire to go to a worship service right away!!! :)
Do you have any words of inspiration or any thought you would like to send out to all your fans?
Lots of love from all of us here on the other side of the world :)

30 March, 2009 19:47  
Blogger regina barnett said...

I love your music...I love your song " I Belong" Love the words said alot about me and the Lord...You are doing a great job working for the Lord...

01 April, 2009 14:46  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Hi Dawn,

thank you so much for writing to me - I'm so thrilled that the Lord has been using the songs like He has! I'm always so completely over the moon to hear how He uses the 'heart' behind both the writing and the singing, to touch the hearts of others, and help connect people a little more with the Father! ...that's what it's all for :)

I'd love to encourage people to simply bring who they are - in the circumstances that they are finding themselves right now - whether broken or whole - and stand honestly and humbly before the Lord.

I love that He takes us exactly as He finds us, and then does the wonderful stuff of exchange; leaving us changed from the inside out. I love that He always chooses to reach beyond our failures and failings, and meets us with mercy - and I LOVE that He leads us into the future - into freedom. Time spent with God in that honest place is the doorway to intimacy with Him - and there is nothing more life giving than that!!


01 April, 2009 21:39  

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