Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tomorrow we are all heading off to New Wine in Shepton Mallet for the week. Our girlies are coming with us - which always makes the whole trip so much more exciting!!!

I absolutely love leading worship at conferences where people are hungry for the presence of God. It is SUCH a treat!! I can hardly wait!!!! And, I always wonder what the Lord will do - what will happen when His presence fills the room; whose lives will be changed, whose hearts restored, whose bodies healed, who will be set free from oppression, whose story will take a different turn in that moment because of what the Father did. I long for more of the Kingdom to be released when I lead worship - and those are the reasons why!!

So, my prayer as I leave home to do this again is simply 'come Holy Spirit'!!!!!



Blogger Michelle said...

You were amazing!! Thank you to God for bringing you to New Wine this year and making the worship so special.

01 August, 2009 13:51  

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