Saturday, August 15, 2009

Portland - Aug '09

Just got back home from Portland. It was absolutely wonderful!!!

It was the first of the 'Deeper' conferences that Paul Baloche, Brian Doerksen and I are doing together through Integrity with Ross Parsley hosting. I honestly can't remember a conference that I've enjoyed doing more.

We had beautiful worship times - we led a session each. Then we tag team taught for the main teaching sessions - for the first session, Brian taught most of the time, and then Paul and I came up and added just a few thoughts on the same subject. The next time, Paul taught most of the session, and Brian and I came up to add some thoughts at the end.

There were seminars each afternoon - where we all taught on something different, and other speakers came in too, including the guys in Paul's band, meaning we were able to offer a wide range of subjects.

Then on the last night, the three of us did a concert together - and the sense of the presence of the Lord was just wonderful!! I LOVED every minute of it!!!!

I have to just add that the volunteer team at Sonrise church in Hillsboro were outstanding!! They know how to serve - and they just didn't stop!!!!! Thank you SO much to each one of you who were a part of the team there - you did the most incredible job!!

I don't know if you live near one of the cities we are coming to in Oct and Nov - but if you do, I can't recommend highly enough getting to the conferences with your worship teams!! I think you'll love it as much as I did - and I know you'll leave with something of heaven tucked in your heart.

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Blogger Anysia said...

The "Deeper" Conference in Portland was AMAZING! I had been in a very dry place for quite a while and when I heard about hte conferent I believed God was showing me the way out. It exceeded every hope I had and my relationship with God has been transformed. Oh, to know that I am not an orphan, that I really do belong to Him.

The time of soaking in His presence was so healing! He spoke to my heart and ministered to the places that were hurting - I didn't even realize that the places He touched were the ones that were causing the pain. I'm so glad He knew and that He came and ministered so tenderly.

Through the conference, not only did God do a lot of healing in my heart, I was also encouraged in my gifts and in my passion for worship. God finally got it through my head to stop saying "I'm just a songwriter but..." and even though I still have questions about next steps, I know that God really does have a purpose and plan if I will be faithful to hear His voice and follow His lead.

I was able to attend one session by each of you and each one was just what I needed at that moment. From Brian I learned that my songs SHOULD sound like me! In your session I learned to trust God when I feel backed into a corner because there's a wide open space behind me that I just don't see yet (boy did I need that). In Paul's class I really caught the heart of a worship leader and the importance of creating an atmosphere of safety where people feel welcome and important.

You all have so much to offer and made yourselves so accessable it really was amazing. I find myself thinking back to thost two days and all that God did and just smiling. To think one conference could offer so much in so little time, it could only be the hand of God!

Thank you for coming and for giving so freely! I know I'm not the only one who was changed.


19 August, 2009 14:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the conference, as well. The first day I went with our worship leader and then I brought my wife to the evening conference on the second day. Everything was fabulous. The teaching was impacting, the sharing inspiring, the talent- out of this world and the worship was fueled by His Spirit. Thanks Kathryn + for all your hard work and sacrifice. Kathryn, I've been trying to find a recording of you singing "everything"...I want my wife to hear you sing it...haven't had a chance to look much, but if you have an easy link, my email is: Thanks so much


22 August, 2009 14:59  
Anonymous Terri Magnuson said...

We at Sonrise LOVED having you all here. We hope that you'll be back again someday! I was encouraged, inspired and took away from the 2 days, among other things, a desire to continually grow deeper in my relationship with Christ. (The name of the conference was very fitting!) I loved your teaching on our identity in Christ ... so true and encouraging! Thank you, again, for your obedience to God and for the sacrifice of your time and energy. We have all been greatly blessed! I hope you can enjoy some down time with your family this fall.

Kathryn, the picture that I took after the concert at Sonrise of you with my 22 yr. old son Nick is very cute...he's about 2 feet taller than you! He also really enjoyed the conference (and riding with you in the van on one of the trips to the church!) I know that he was greatly inspired with his own worship leading.

One more thing... I've had the priveledge of being on the worship team all 3 times that Danny Daniels has led worship at Sonrise Church over the years. It's always so great to see Danny! He was here about 2 weeks before you came and was disappointed that he couldn't be there to see you. He had nothing but good things to say about you. He was right!

Thanks again!


28 August, 2009 06:20  
Blogger Angelina said...


I just want to say I was totally blessed by the conference in Portland as well!! It was so nice to just worship and not have to worry about all the elements surrounding it. To go "Deeper". Thank you for your involvement! I have not been able to get Child of God out of my head or heart since then!!


14 September, 2009 07:00  

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