Wednesday, October 07, 2009

on the road again

we are already having a LOT of fun together!!! I can still hardly believe that I get to do what I do with such great friends. Don't you love that life is meant to lived in community? God knew what He was doing when He set up the local church... even with the difficulties that sometimes come with it, it's the most wonderful way to work out our stuff, and become more like Jesus.

This tour got started in Indian Rocks near Tampa on Monday night. I got in at 12.30am the night before after a 23 hour journey from home. Really did get a good sleep that night though, and when you're working through the day it helps sort out your rhythm jet lag wise - so I haven't suffered too badly.

Today, we've made our way to Ocala, and we have a tour bus!!! I have never done the tour bus thing before - I'll let you know how I sleep over the next few nights :) But, I'm feeling optimistic that it'll be alright.

We get to stay in a hotel tonight - I'm in the room right now, and it's really nice. I just wish Al could be here too!! We do a concert here tonight, then get a full day off tomorrow, and hit the road at 1am tomorrow night for the long drive to Augusta in Georgia. I'm so excited to see places I've never been before, and I love getting to meet new people too!!

I'll try and write some more in a few days time to let you know the state of play.... and I'll post more pics.



Blogger Amy said...

Oh my goodness! sounds like so much fun!! So glad that I found your blog, Kathryn! Love your heart on worship... hugs.. Amy

08 October, 2009 17:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an INCREDIBLE concert at Indian Rocks. I have never been to a Christian Concert and have to say it is something I will never forget. Thank you SO much for your music. I do not believe there is anything that draws us closer to God then by music. You are all fantastic!!!

God Bless you !!!

08 October, 2009 22:41  

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