Sunday, December 31, 2006


I can't believe this year is almost over!!!

It's almost a year since we headed off on sabbatical to America as a little family - that was honestly one of the best things we ever did. It was amazing to stop for a while and learn to listen again - to each other, to the kids, to the whisper of God... It was life changing.

It was this year that Alan and I went to Germany together for the second time, and felt the stirring of God again for Europe. I love knowing that it's Him who directs our steps - helps so much to take the heat when it comes; remembering that everything we do for God is important - that nothing done for Him is in vain.

I got to do more writing with people I love this year too - with my Mum, with Brian Doerksen and Paul Baloche. Isn't awesome how God connects us with people who help spur us on in what we were made for?! I'm so looking forward to doing more of this - and to recording again in the new year!

Alan and I had the privilege of leading the church here for another year - of seeing more and more people come to faith for the first time; of seeing more lives change as people gave themselves over to God again and again, even though at times it cost them dearly; of the joy of seeing people work through some of the hardest circumstances and find themselves more whole at the end of the process than the beginning - that is the grace of God!!!

Living for God, listening for His voice, leaning into His mercy - this is life fully alive!!! Can't wait for 2007!

God bless and keep you all in the coming year!!!