Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm back :)

I love this time of year!! I love settling back into the rhythm of the autumn - it feels like everything starts to find it's place again after the busyness of the summer!!!

Our summer was wonderful this year.... not so much the weather - but the things we did :) (living in Northern Ireland means you have to look for the good 'beyond' the weather!!)

I did my first proper tour with Integrity. Up until now I've always said no to touring because my kids really needed me at home - but things are starting to change... it's an exciting season.

SO our summer shaped up like this - at the start of July we went as a family to New Wine Ireland in Sligo, where I led worship for most of the week. Then, we flew over to St Andrews in Scotland, where I led worship for the first half of the week at CLAN gathering, and Alan spoke in the young adults' tent - both superb conferences! And then, I took my first intrepid leap into touring, while Alan stayed on in Scotland with the girls (they had a BLAST!!!)

America was brilliant! I got to lead worship at the worship leader conference in Austin, TX - had the honor of playing with Paul Baloche's band. Then I flew over to Seattle in WA and led worship at Creation West - the most beautiful outdoor venue I have ever led worship at!!! I also met some amazing people - Aaron and Rhonda Barker from New Song church in Tacoma, and had the privilege of having them pray for me (INCREDIBLE STUFF), I also got to lead worship at their church, and we had an amazing time together - and I did a concert at Matt Kees' church there too - I really enjoyed my time in WA. I then went down to Portland for the afternoon and met a lovely bunch of worship leaders from the area.

By this stage I'd been on the road for 16 days, so I made my way up to BC and stayed with Brian and Joyce Doerksen for a couple of days R&R - it was wonderful!

After that I flew over to Buffalo, NY - got to visit Niagra Falls (a bit of a life time ambition!!), lead worship with a wonderful band in Eastern Hills Wesleyan, and lead worship at Kingdom Bound conference - which I LOVED!!!!

It was a brilliant summer!!!! I got home a couple of weeks ago now - and so, the dust of catch up and post travel tiredness has started to settle! Alan is back at work; Sophie is back at school; and I am hanging out with Emily till she starts back too. I feel like order is returning :) And with it, the time to think again... I love it!