Friday, June 01, 2007

there's still time :)

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the internship. We have had a load of interest - which has thrilled me to bits!!! There is still time though, just in case you might be interested and haven't taken the plunge yet.

Our plan - and it is cunning - is to invite interns to come and spend the year with us (from Sept to June). Over the course of that time, we will spend time learning together (and we've got some great teachers lined up too), we'll work on songs together, lead worship, play in bands, help develop worship in our third service (which hasn't started yet - so a wonderful opportunity to see something start from scratch) - and generally have a great deal of fun together!

It really is a lovely part of the world to spend some time - and I think our church is amazing (I am, of course, slightly biased in this though :) I honestly think you would truly benefit from, and thoroughly enjoy this internship if it was something you might like to consider!

We are specifically looking for people who are good musicians - up until now, we've only been looking for worship leaders - but we'd like to widen the net a little. We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you can play electric guitar, drums, bass or acoustic guitar. I'm afraid we can't take you if you are a singer who doesn't play an instrument.

There is no age limit on this internship - which is good news for people like me :) The programme will be full time, and so you are going to have to find the funds before you come (although, we are not charging for the year - it will be travel and living costs you'll have to cover).

If you are interested in getting some more info on what the internship will actually look like, and the costs involved, please email me on and we'll email you some stuff.

In the meantime, hope you're all doing well - and thank you for reading my blog - it's a joy to hear your thoughts and comments!!!

God bless,


Blogger Krista said...


I just downloaded "hungry" from itunes and am listening to it as I type this :) It was a joy to find your blog (go blogger!) I hadn't listened to the album in a long time, but 10 years ago in college, my roommate owned a copy and many, many times I would lock my door and pour out my heart singing those songs. Thank you for letting God seep into you and out through those words. I was just beginning my own songwriting/ worship leading journey back then (which still continues :) and your music was a big part that time for me. Tomorrow I'm leading music for my church's vacation bible school, which will have about 400 kids (yikes!) and we'll be using "there's no one like our God"...I just love it! So again, thank you for your music and passion...all God's blessings to you...who knows? maybe I'll look into the internship...I always said I wanted to get to Ireland and it sounds incredible! I'm at and

peace to you!

11 June, 2007 06:25  

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