Friday, March 16, 2007

last day in Nashville

Well, I'm still doing BVs (we finished the main vocals a couple of days ago.... and we got 'I Belong' done yesterday, woo hoo) - but we are SO close now that I can almost smell the sweetness of home!!!!!

I'm going to see if I can put some of the roughs up on my myspace - I might not be able to... but I'll try :)

I don't quite know how to thank the Lord for the time here. It has been a super productive two weeks!!!! I might need to do some serious sleeping when I get home (kids permitting :)

It's been great to just keep pushing until the job is done - actually, it's the best way for us as a family to do this - if I concentrate on a project like this for a couple of weeks, it means I can come home and get straight back into being a Mummy (with all that entails - those of you with kids know it's a full time job in itself! What a job it is too - one of the best there is :)

If I'd tried to record this at home, it would have taken so much longer just because of everything else that I do there - and everyone would have suffered. This is short and sharp - but it works a treat!

After all the blogging about it - I REALLY hope you like the songs ;)

Thanks again for reading, and for writing comments - it's wonderful to hear from you!!!


Blogger Mel said...

Kathryn congrats on your upcoming album! I'm so excited and can't wait to hear it. You sang "I Belong" at the Musician Summit in November and the song spoke to my heart. :o) I pray for safe travels for you going home. God Bless you in spirit, in mind, in body and in thought!! :o)

17 March, 2007 02:38  

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