Friday, March 09, 2007

in the studio day 3

It's going great here!!! I'm so delighted with the way the songs are turning out. So far we've got 8 songs in the bag (minus proper vocals :)... but this stage is all about getting the band stuff down.

Brent Milligan is producing (and playing bass) - he's doing a top job. Adam Lester is on guitars - unbelievable!!! (he's amazing with hooks and riffs), and Dan Needham on drums - superb drummer! Russ Long is engineering - he did 'six pence non-the-richer' (the album with 'Kiss me'!!!!)

We've done a couple of songs today where we all went in a room together and just recorded what came out - we used double bass and some shuffly drums - can't wait to let you hear it!!!

This album is going a dream! Actually, this is exactly how I wanted to try and record when I was first dreaming it all out in the beginning. There's a such a feeling of God leading in the whole thing. I'm SO grateful!!!!! (and excited!)


Anonymous emma said...

That's great to hear, keep pluggin' away with it! Any chance we can hear some demos?

09 March, 2007 09:46  
Anonymous martin said...

Great, can't wait to hear it. The first album is stuck in my cd-player, I hope this second one can help it to get it out ;)

In and around May i will be traveling to the UK, Scotland and Ireland so maybe I will visit the vineyardchurch as well then.

God bless with your cool job!! ;)

09 March, 2007 21:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear kathryn, i am currently listening to your first album & have been PATIENTLY waiting for more, so thank you for recording again! your music has inspired much worship through song to our Lord in my own personal life and i thank God that you are using your gifts for His glory. many blessings, julie

10 March, 2007 04:44  
Blogger David said...

Sounds great Kath! Glad you are excited and getting into the swing of it. I like the sound of the shuffly drums and double bass--mmmm!

Look forward to hearing more.

10 March, 2007 09:50  
Anonymous Ruth said...

i'm excited to hear your new album! your songs are full of passion! singing them we touch the heart of God, while He touches ours. Bless you in making a new album!

10 March, 2007 17:29  

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