Saturday, September 23, 2006

out there

Today a bunch of people from our church are heading down South to Sligo. They are going to pray for the sick on the streets of the town - the same as we do every Saturday right here in Coleraine.

I still can hardly believe how many people get healed on the streets - it has really strengthened the conviction in me, that this is part of what Jesus meant when he gave us the great commission, and yet somewhere along the line, we brought it back inside the church, waiting for the lost to come to us.

I was thinking about the scripture where Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few - I remember praying for years that God would send revival (I still long for that), but I honestly thought that 'they' would come to us, when all along Jesus was saying for US to go to them.

As we continue to pray for people to encounter God right where they are - doing their shopping, or out for a coffee - we're finding that God is already very much at work out there. Reaping the harvest just requires going into the field and rolling up our slieves - how exciting is that?!!


Blogger LTA said...

Very exciting. God bless you guys. God is with you!

23 September, 2006 09:23  
Anonymous emma said...

Oh so very exciting! Missing being with you guys in Coleraine... but excited about this new challenge.

23 September, 2006 22:20  
Blogger The Worship Guy said...

Would love to know more about how you guys go about doing this. Are you training your people in how to talk/pray with people? Are you just walking up to people and asking them while they are shopping and etc? Or is there a part of town where there's a high contingency of people living on the "streets" that are more open to prayer. Just wondering how that might play out here in the States...I live in the middle of suburbia where you're lucky to get eye contact from people passing by!

24 September, 2006 02:59  
Anonymous jane said...

This is my first blog -- my original intention was to write a "thank you" note, Kathryn for some GREAT nuggets of wisdom at the Musicians Summit in Seattle. How old I must sound!

Anyway, you gave me and so many other women great encouragement about leading worship. Your insight was dead on, insightful and timely. The analogy of being the "bus driver" was great -- it helped me to identify my role much more clearly and to encourage others' in their gifting. I lead an all women's band called Tapestry, and we love covering your music. Written by women, in some ways for women, and ... played (well) by women!:)

13 February, 2007 06:29  

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