Monday, August 28, 2006

BAND STUFF: finding your fit

I got a brilliant comment on the postings about band stuff that I wanted to highlight. Neil is my bass player in the band that I play with on Sunday mornings - here's what he said that I think you might find really helpful...

"I think a big part about playing in a worship band is your mental attitude. Of course your character and ability are pre-runners but you need to have a mental and spiritual realisation of what you are there to do. You need to see where you fit on the team and then carry out that task to the best of your ability and give it back to God.

A good illustration of this is the bass, its what I know best so I will stick to it!! The bass player's role is to provide the platform along with the drums that all the other instruments can work off. They tie the whole thing together. Now it can be a very effective instrument for playing a nice riff or coming up front now and again but unless it continues to form the platform then it loses its purpose.

When you are first starting to play your instrument in worship bands it is so important to learn your role. Initially as a younger player we all want to be noticed (maybe that was just me) and therefore we wanted to be louder or play the coolest part but we know that isnt the heart God wants nor does it make for good band dynamics.

Once you have defined your role on your instrument it is such a fulfilling feeling to know you are playing your part on the team."

This is a great insight from someone who is playing regularly, and has really caught the heart of what being on a band is all about. Hope it helps :)


Anonymous Mike Stranks said...

Hi Kathryn
I've picked up on your blog through tracking back from stuff related to "Satisfy". BTW - a brilliant album which is in my MP3 player and regularly accompanies my walk to and from work! It's very interesting to me as someone involved in a worship group, but as a sound-man and not a musician, to read your comments on all aspects of worship leading and working together as a group. I'd be very interested in your thoughts about the role of sound and the sound system operator as part of the group and what you, as a leader, are looking for. What makes life easier - and what makes things more difficult?
Mike, Oxford

28 August, 2006 09:13  

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