Saturday, August 26, 2006

LEADING WORSHIP: picking a set

I get asked this all the time - how do you pick a set?

There are a couple of things I keep in mind when I'm doing this. The first is 'who am I leading in worship'. Basically, because our job is to serve the people we are leading, the first question I'm asking is 'how am I going to help THESE people worship'. Sometimes I get it right, and others I really don't - but that's where having someone to give you feedback is SO helpful!!

Secondly, I'm thinking through how this fits in the overall picture of everthing that's happening in that meeting. If we can choose songs based on the other things that are going to be happening - the speaking, or a drama, or a particular theme - it makes it easier for people to connect with God through those songs. We are literally 'giving voice' to people's expression of worship.

After that, I'm thinking about how long I have - usually you're aiming for 1 song per 5 mins (sometimes shorter if they are fast songs). I think it's a wonderful thing to stay within the time frame you've been given.

Don't use too many new songs - people can't access the worship time if they don't the songs... I've learnt this the hard way :) Because our church is growing quite fast, there are always people with us that are not going to know the latest new song that we've just taught, and so I'm really trying to include a hymn every set, and work with some older choruses too that I'm pretty sure people will know - we just give them a freshen up through the arrangements - actually, it's wonderful fun, and really creative!!


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