Friday, August 11, 2006

BAND STUFF: teaming up

I love leading worship! And I especially love playing in a band!!!! I know a lot of you are involved in leading teams and working through the dynamics that come with it - so I thought it might be helpful to put some thoughts together on some aspects of being a leader with a band.

I have two main filters when it comes to 'teaming up' - who I choose is based almost solely on these questions: what is their character like? (do they love Jesus, are they working their stuff through, are they committed to church, are they open to correction, are they a team player - you don't always get to see the team player thing until you start the band which is why it's useful if they are open to be corrected :) The second thing I'm looking for is excellence in musicianship. They don't have to be incredible on their own - but they do have to bring something incredible to the team - in other words, if they play bass, I'm not looking for someone who can do a lot of really fancy stuff, but I'm looking for someone who is solid timing wise, who has an ear for what the drummer is doing and can compliment that, who can think a little outside the box maybe with motives or riffs that work like highlights in the overall sound, but won't clutter things up.

After that, you've got to try it out. Chemistry with the rest of the band will tell you if it's a good fit. If that isn't there, I try to move my musician to another band where they'll gel better. When it does click though - wow, it's one of the best things ever!!


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