Monday, July 31, 2006

SONGWRITING: back to the drawing board

...some more thoughts on songwriting - once you start to get your head (and heart) around the idea of someone critiquing your songs, the next big thing to hit you is rewriting!!! When I first started out, this was a foreign concept to me! I thought that the way the idea arrived was the way it SHOULD stay, as though I might ruin the thought that God had given me. Thanks to friendships with people like Brian Doerksen, I learnt pretty quickly that we are responsible for crafting the original idea into something that others can use... the idea by itself doesn't make a good song. So, if you are looking at your song today, and you're thinking that the chorus might need a tweak, or the words are almost right - get a friend to listen to it and see the bits they notice that they think others will find hard to understand, then take it back to the drawing board - I'll meet you there ;)


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