Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SONGWRITING: a word to the wise

Words count. The lyrics we write, especially as worship writers, have to make sense and be clear, otherwise the worshippers who are going to use others' songs as their own expression to God, won't choose what we've written. Because we don't get the chance to explain what we meant by a certain line or phrase at the end of the song, we need to be careful to craft our words well. We need to stick the point - a good song only says one thing. We need to think of a hook lyrically as well as melodically - something that people remember and come back to - think of songs like 'How great is our God': this is an amazing song that says just one thing - that God is great. Then, it unfolds why He is so wonderful in the verses, returning again to that awesome chorus with the hook line 'How great is our God'. Your hook line 'says it all' - everything else in the song points towards that and stems from it.

Lyrics are still the part that I find the hardest - and yet, they are also the place where I find the most fulfilment in writing. Here's to the journey!


Blogger Shannon said...

I am really enjoying this site. Thank you for being real. Talking about real issues as a writer and not just how to "market" a song.
I am a young writer, when I have my friends read the lyrics I've written they are excited and always tell me that the song is good. This can't always be true. Not that I think they're lying, I just think maybe they don't know how to critique a song. Where can I get my lyrics critiqued at? Is there such a place?
Thank you.

06 September, 2007 03:26  

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