Tuesday, August 08, 2006

when it's a disappointing day...

From time to time, dreams that we had, hopes that we held, people we trusted, things we thought, don't quite turn out the way we thought they would. When it's a disappointing day, what I'm learning to do is come back to the cross again. It's there that I remember that God knows the power of pain; the burn of betrayal - it's there I can so clearly see that He understands the brokeness of dreams shattered, that His grip on reality in all it's harshness is firmer than mine. And it's there that the promise of redemption, of resurrection, of a sure outcome breaks in. We serve a God who chose brokeness to demonstrate His great love for us - who has walked the road before us - who has the power to change the most disappointing days into the most glorious tomorrows.


Anonymous carina said...

Amen! i think you´ve catched this in your song "At the foot of the cross". As you wrote earlier: a song can "say it all" .
love, Carina

08 August, 2006 19:58  

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