Saturday, September 16, 2006

SONGWRITING: don't quit just yet

I just finished a teaching day on songwriting. I love teaching about writing - it's wonderful to see people really catch that they can do it too!!!

It reminded me again how important it is to keep going with a song (and with writing in general) even when things are not quite working out.

There's a song I've been working on - on and off - for the last five years. I started it when Sophie was just a baby, and only ever got the first verse. At various times I've picked it up again and tried a new idea to see if I can take it forward.

Just yesterday I thought I'd have another go. For the first time in all those years I had a completely different idea and wrote a pre chorus for it and a chorus. Whilst I haven't finished the lyrics yet, it is THE most wonderful feeling to have finally found what I was looking for in this song. I just wanted to encourage you too - don't worry how long it takes - the finished song is still waiting for you to find it... keep going just a little longer - you might be surprised how close it is!


Anonymous Carina from Finland said...

Hi friend! Sounds like you had a good seminar again. Miss you all! Look forward to hearing your song you´ve worked on for five years!But probably not on your next cd, or...? Waiting for your next cd release!Please let me know when you´ll have your release party so I can book some cheap flight tickets...
love, Carina

16 September, 2006 19:34  
Anonymous Don M said...

Nice encouragement. Thanks, DM

16 September, 2006 21:35  
Blogger benchlopez said...

Hi it's me Benchlopez from Philippines
Yeah true indeed. It doesn't matter how long a 'song' will take. We always start song because we've got an insight, mostly it takes time to complete all the pieces of it because we don't know where and when to get them. It's also because it's life and truth that is behind the lyrics, regardless if the song talks about us, them or something; it's the ongoing reflections of our real LIFE with a our magnificent Creator.

God sometimes surprises us, that suddenly we've got the remaining piece of the song we've been looking for, coming from real situations and people around us. The pieces are just there, be it a word, phrase, melody or brilliant idea.

The truth is, God is actually one of the co-writer, He's part of the creative process of songwriting, collaborating life behind the pieces and words of a writer's heart in a song.

30 December, 2006 05:54  

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