Wednesday, August 30, 2006

what about the poor?

Whilst this is a little off the theme of band stuff, it is very much to do with worship!

Tre Sheppherd was over last night, and was talking to us about the AIDS stuff he and Tori are involved in over in South Africa. I really thought it would be great to highlight it to you guys too.

He has set up a website with a great deal of info on it, and simple ways to get involved and make a difference. It's - please check it out, it's a wonderful thing these guys are doing!!!


Anonymous emma said...

Thanks for the link, will be adding to my Africa links section. God's really been stiring up my heart and giving me a passion for Africa... currently have no idea how that is going to look over the next few years, but I am learning that it is my 'holy discontent' and i need to keep feeding it... i must do something with it!

30 August, 2006 17:36  

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