Saturday, March 10, 2007

day off - sort of :)

It's so funny how not being with the kids means I can write here more often!! My life is WAY more full at home, even though the schedule here has been so nuts :)

Today is pretty much a day off - although I'm going to head into the studio in a couple of hours to do some vocals. I'm so enjoying everything we've done so far! Can't wait to put down some proper vocals and hear it come together just that little bit more.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me! I have really felt the presence of the Lord through this whole time - He's incredible isn't He?!

I'll write again soon,


Blogger Claire said...

Thanks for your thoughts on my blog which I have replied to. I'm sure you miss family loads but it's probably fantastic to get that time which is soo precious just to yourself.

The last 2 gigs the JP band has had have had your CD on by the way - this morning at Northdown CFC and last Friday at Ballinderry Praise Party. Hope that's another wee encouragement for you.

Keep blogging, it's great.

11 March, 2007 17:21  
Blogger ian irwin smyth said...


Its great to hear your process and all your going through - really cant wait to hear the outcome and trust that God blesses you the whole of the rest of the way!

Keep it going!


12 March, 2007 10:18  

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