Wednesday, March 14, 2007

photo shoot (gulp)

Tomorrow I head into a different kind of studio all together - a photographer's studio! I'm going to be spending the whole day having my photo taken... those of you who know me will know that isn't exactly filling me with excitement!! :)

The great thing is that these people REALLY know what they are doing! It'll be great to have some photos that are good - as opposed to the crazy one's I have on my iPhoto. It'll also be cool to get some new clothes :) That part is a girl's dream come true. I have a stylist for this shoot, who has been out shopping for me over the last few days - everything that I wear for the shoot, I get to KEEP! Pray that I have to get changed a whole lot :)

I'll let you know how I get on - I have a feeling it could be interesting :)



Anonymous Craig said...

Hi, its nice to hear you are doing a second album with integrity. The first was awesome and great. Here in New York City its tough to get worship like that in the church. But anyway, enjoy your photo shoot, I will continue to write. Take care and God bless

14 March, 2007 17:19  
Blogger Claire said...

Now you are talking....all the recording stuff was really interesting but as soon as you said clothes I was completely engaged! Hope you get loads of lovely yummy new clothes. Hopefully you will feel so good that you'll forget about the camera.
Fill us in on the details!
Love Claire

14 March, 2007 18:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn

Chuckles a-plenty at this post :-) I hope you have a really great time at the photo-shoot and feel really pampered! It's been great to read how relaxed you've been with the recording and that you've had a real sense of the presence of the Spirit in every aspect. That's certainly been my prayer for you and from the blog comments I know others have been praying the same. Praise God for answered prayer! Of course, this means that we'll all be waiting for the release of the album with an even greater sense of anticipation! I know your heart's desire is to serve and glorify God. He will honour that commitment and bless many through this album.

In Him. Mike (Oxford)

14 March, 2007 21:13  
Blogger V said...

You're beautiful inside and out!! Praying your day was a wonderful experience, and you had to change clothes a million times! Can't wait to see the photos...I'm sure they'll be lovely!
Love in Him,
Victoria :)

15 March, 2007 14:36  

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