Thursday, March 15, 2007

I made it through the photo shoot :)

Thank you for praying!!! It all went great! Actually, I really enjoyed it - the photographer is a guy called Michael Gomez, and he is absolutely brilliant! He really put me at ease, and he takes a great photo :)

I also got to keep lots of clothes :) Some of them look better in a photograph though, than they do in real life ;) Still, I'm very grateful!

Recording is going so well - I'm just working on BVs. I still have to record 'I Belong' - one of the songs I co-wrote with Mum... we're going to another studio tonight to play a lovely C7 grand piano - THAT will be fun!

Right now, I'm back into the booth to do some more backing vocals.

Thank you for all your comments and messages - you are keeping me going!!! Only two more sleeps till I see my gorgeous family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. I've put some of the photos (only about 4 from a possible 2000 or so :) up on my myspace - if you want to have a peek... just follow the link on the side of this page


Anonymous emma said...

Great news! Looking forward to being with you guys in a few weeks when I'm back in Ireland, miss the Causeway greatly! Keep plugging away with the recording and all it entails... God is in the details!

16 March, 2007 02:29  
Anonymous Michelle Scott said...

Hi Kate, just realised there now that you've been blogging all along. It's so lovely to hear how its all been going. I love, love, LOVE you photos you look absolutely amazing, Bre and I reckon you look like a super-model!
Can't wait to see you and maybe hear some of the tracks.
Miss you loads and love you more,

16 March, 2007 13:21  
Anonymous amanda said...

I found your CD, Satisfy, via a recommendation made by Brian Doerksen back in late 2003, early 2004. I had just moved to Taiwan (as a tentmaker missionary). And, was just slipping into a dark time of depression (which lasted a little over a year).

One of Brian's CDs and Satisfy became two rays of hope that I clung to with all my might.

Mostly I listened to Satisfy when I was riding my bike each morning. I loved that time. You ushered me into the brilliant throne room of God during a time in my life when things were becoming increasingly darker.

Even now . . . tears flow as I think back to that time.

I am grateful. Your voice and those songs will forever hold a very, very special place in my heart of hearts.

Praise God! He cares for us. He meets us in the darkest of nights and reminds us that he is eternal, always in control.

16 March, 2007 19:23  
Blogger aju said...


Just want you to know that your songs have really been a blessing in my life, leading me to worship Our Father in heaven .. God bless u .. All the best with your new album , Pray that it is even more anointed and brings more people into the presence of God . . I came to know of ur blog thru ur myspace page..i really loved the music player section of that webpage ..I listen to search me,know me for hours there.thank u, however of late, it doesnt always load, canu ask ur tech guys to look into it,,I'm currently living in a Muslim country where i dont get to buy gospel CDs( whatever little we get is quite old) So request u to pls bring that player back, so i can listen !! and be blessed. God bless u . .



17 March, 2007 01:35  

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