Friday, November 02, 2007

'I BELONG' is nearly there!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to let you know that we are nearly at the launch date :) I'm SO excited about it!!! Mid Dec, 2007 and it will finally be out!!!!!!

I've uploaded some of the songs (just three) to give you a taster of the album - they are on my myspace (for which there's a link on the left :) Please feel free to go and have a listen - I would LOVE to hear what you think.



Blogger Arne said...

Hey Kathryn Scott!

I just got your album yesterday and I really love it. I'm a former Vineyard member and I've always loved worshiping the Lord, and it's really easy with the songs you write. You have a fantastic voice, and I love the how you guys use so many different instruments. It's wonderful, God always meets me in the Child of God song, and I can't help but cry. Thank you for your dedicated heart.

I'm now a member of Youth With A Mission and I travel around with a dance/music show sharing about Jesus and I always play your songs and other Vineyard songs when we rig the stage. :D

God bless you and your husbands ministry. I've heard so much about it, and I'm really challenged and impressed!

Yeah and the new Hungry version is completely amazing. Hungry is my favourite worship song of all time, so I'm really loving it.

Love from Arne K.

03 November, 2007 12:34  
Anonymous Beate S. Rudaitiene said...

Dear Kathryn Scott.

I belong to the vinyeyard church in Kristiansand Norway. After you had visited us at the sunday service this fall, I bought your CD, Satisfy.
And I just wanted to let you know that I have never been so blessed by any music album. Thank you for making that CD! I listen to it daily, and it helps me lift my focus to God.
My husband and I are planning to move to Lithuania as missionaries with our two little children. And the last months have been a time of testing and batteling. It has been wonderful to put on "Satisfy" to get closer to God and receive peace.
Thank you again for making beautyful worship! I hope you will continue!!
Greetings from Beate S. Rudaitiene.

04 November, 2007 10:53  
Blogger steven hamilton said...

kathryn, i really love the new songs...but 'will justioce reign' is fantastique. it speaks to me and what God is doing and revealing in my life. thanks for helping me connect a little deeper with the Holy One.


10 November, 2007 12:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Kathryn,
Love the taster of the new album and can't wait to get it all!
Hope all's well with you Love Bev Clark

13 November, 2007 14:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,

Just wanted to say hi. I have yet to listen to your new album, but am hoping to get it as a birthday or christmas present. I'll need to say to my hubby actually!

Many blessings to you & your family.


14 November, 2007 22:41  
Blogger Jen said...

hi kathryn,
i've been a "fan" of the songs Jesus puts on your heart and the heart He has given you for worship for a long time. i'm currently listening to "i belong" sampler and it is beautiful. it is so Biblically rooted, creatively articulated, and i absolutely love the strings. can't wait to hear the rest...

just to let you know, hopefully as an encouragment, you have been an inspiration to me in a unique way---to embrace my alto voice as a worship leader. my church is full of female soprano worship leaders and it's been always interesting and sometimes tedious to transpose songs and work with other worship leaders who expect you to sing high...anyways, your songs are always so comfortable for me vocally=)

you've also inspired me to dream heart is for worship, but it is also to pastor someday. i don't know how it's all going to work out, but it's exciting to see you pave the way! hope to meet you and chat with you someday!

jen, from the evanston vineyard in illinois, usa=)

15 November, 2007 04:41  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Hi Guys,

thank you so much for writing your comments!!! You have no idea how much it means to read them, and how it encourages me!

Bev - wonderful to hear from you - hope you are doing GREAT!!! I'm sure Alan has your email address - but I can't seem to find it - thought I would send a message this way :)

Jen - thank you for writing from Chicago! I'm delighted that you are going for it as an alto worship leader :) I love that the Lord made us all so uniquely - and that all of us get to play!!!

Beate - thank you SO much for your comments about Satisfy - may the Lord both use and minister powerfully to you as you take this step into Lithuania. God richest blessings on you as a family!

To all who wrote - thank you again!!! God bless the socks off you :)


15 November, 2007 11:24  
Blogger ash said...

HI Kathryn, I am big fan of Jesus and Whenever I feel sad and dejected when I have sinned, I would just listen to your song of
[b]Hungry [I'm falling on your knees][/b].It would boost my faith and trust in Lord Jesus. This song really touches sinners heart.

"[B]Not one of his bones will be broken[/B]"[John 19:36]

May God Bless your family and not let his Children bones be broken or skin be scratched till He calls us.

16 November, 2007 21:14  
Blogger Sheri said...

Kathryn, wow, I am so glad to see you on here (and on myspace).. I'm also a bit of an alto (2nd soprano?) worship leader in our church.. Hungry is one we've sung so many times..
Just heard Brian Doerksen last weekend at a huge worship conference here in the state I live (Washington - not DC lol).. he mentioned you in the songwriter bootcamp I went to actually. I thought, I need to look her up on myspace (& did).. wasnt sure if you were in Ireland, or where. My Grandfather came from County Down (west of Belfast I think!?).. Not far from where Robin Mark is.. I think? Anyway, I have such a longing to connect with my "roots" there.. and EVERY TIME I hear worship music out of Ireland I CRY.. I agree with everyone who's posted here, you have a beautiful voice & can hear your heart come out in the lyrics.. so refreshing.. God love ya, & bless you & continue to gift you with more songs!Sheri Horton

17 November, 2007 18:10  
Blogger LUSIMAR said...

Dear Kathryn Scott
My name´s Lusimar Junior and I am from Brazil. Over here isn´t easy to find your new album, but I got some album from vineyard.The songs is very complete and fill up the hard of church.

19 November, 2007 20:22  
Anonymous Anri said...

Hey Kathryn,

Greetings from Holland!
I am so happy with the upcoming new album and can't wait to listen (full length)
Just wanted to send you an e-mail a couple of weeks ago if the worshipsong 'I belong' would be on the album. I still remember you sang it two years (?) ago when you did a Why We Worship in Utrecht, the Netherlands. And yes it's part of the album. Better still: it's the Album title. It is a song which has become so precious to me; simple, honest, powerful (the refrain) in combination with the rythm and sound. One of those helpful songs (although I hate the pragmatic word) to sing both as a blessing, a reaffirmation and a proclamation based on those incredible closing words in Romans 8.
Just want to say: thank you so much for giving the body of Christ such amazing songs! I never will forget your humble and down to earth way style of communication on so many things that are both supernatural and natural.

May the Lord bless you, together with Alan and the two girls

19 November, 2007 23:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I buy the cd. I like your music. God bless you and your family.

02 January, 2008 17:31  

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