Wednesday, December 05, 2007

'I Belong' - Song Blog #5

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Blogger Sandra said...

Hello Kathryn,

Last time I wrote we were preparing for our trip to Kenya which was absolutely amazing. Now with all that is going on there our hearts are torn to shreds. One of the most amazing times I had during the trip occurred in the slum of Kibera, where a lot of killing has been going on lately. As we walked through the roads meeting people and holding hands with the children there was a powerful presence of the Almighty God with us despite the desperate surroundings we found ourselves in. I met a beautiful woman named Miriam who was caring for several widows who were HIV positive as she was, leading Bible studies with them and selling their beaded articles to make a few shillings. She radiated the love of Jesus Christ. What a touching moment for me! Now I pray for her and her friends. We received news from the priest of her parish that things are extremely difficult for them there, but no word about Miriam specifically.

The reason for this note is to relay to you a blessing I received yesterday when at the worship network meeting here in Belleville. One of the women had been to our church gathering this past Sunday during which I sang "At the foot of the cross" during the breaking of bread. She felt she needed to tell me that while I sang she found herself in the Spirit at the feet of Jesus Christ on the cross. This blessed me so much to know that Jesus Christ brought her to such a powerful place, of mercy and grace through this song. I continue to thank the Lord for blessing you with this song which has brought me to the cross many times as well. "Now I can trade these ashes in for beauty, and wear forgiveness as a crown..." words you know well which the Lord still uses to minister deeply to His people. I thought that since she was kind enough to encourage me with this I should try to pass it along to you.

I have the awesome privilege of hosting an hour of "Pure Praise" on our local Christian radio UCB Canada each week night from 6-7 p.m. I love including your songs because I am sure of the Spirit's presence and delight in them.

I just picked up your new cd and look forward to the Lord's continued blessing on me and others through your new songs.

God bless you,

Sandra Norman

08 February, 2008 01:08  
Blogger peteroberts said...

Just want to add my appreciation and thanks to you for sharing the gift God has given you with so many people thru your CD. I bought it for my wife but had to sneak a listen to it. I was moved by Will Justice Reign and I Belong. I know this is one CD I'll have to wrestle from my wife!!
It's hard to believe you're not getting more credit (by the way I like the credit you give your Mum. There are not enough mother and daughter writer combinations!!)Maybe Pastoring a church with your husband and being a mother takes up all your time. Thank God for our Global Village so you'll be heard all over the world.
Thanks again. Pete

28 May, 2008 15:27  

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