Thursday, September 18, 2008

I started writing songs again today

I started writing again today for the new album! I LOVE writing songs :) I think the longer I've been doing this, the more I've started to feel comfortable in my own skin.

When I first started writing worship songs 10 years ago I was so completely new at writing for congregations. I was just starting to learn the craft - and, as with anything new, I felt pretty shaky at it!

As time goes on, there are certain things that come more naturally - maybe a little like learning to drive a car - at first all your energy is spent on actually making the car move forward (or stop!!! :) But, as you learn to drive, you can start to enjoy the journey and not think so much about the 'how to drive' part.

That's where I find myself at the minute - and the view is great!

Brian Doerksen used to teach us to write many songs, sing some of them in our churches, and record just a few. I love the freedom in that!

And so, I'm just writing - some of these songs will be for the Lord's ears only - and some of them will end up on next year's project.... that doesn't really matter right now - the point is simply to write and see what comes out.


Blogger Ellen said...

That's great you're starting songs for your new album! One of my favorite things to do is just sit down with my Bible and write.

I do have a question though, you said that certain things start to come naturally after a of the things I have trouble with, is singing in front of people, I'm fine when I'm with a choir or someone is singing the same part as me, but when I have to lead by myself I get really nervous and self-conscious, and then I don’t sing my best...have you found confidence in this area comes with time and practice?

Ellen :)

18 September, 2008 13:54  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Hi Ellen,

I still get nervous before I lead worship - whether it's at a big conference, or in my home church. What I've found though is that the more I've practiced beforehand, and the better I know the songs - the nervousness starts to lift after I start singing, and I really enjoy the rest of the set.

When I first started singing in front of people - when I was still a little girl - I thought I'd never feel comfortable with it. And yet, then more I've done it, the more 'safe' I've felt as I lead.

Wherever you are in that process - just keep practicing - and realize that you are on a journey - it definitely gets easier, but the nerves really never totally go away...


18 September, 2008 17:49  
Blogger Ellen said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement! :)


18 September, 2008 21:05  
Anonymous Patt Wadenpfuhl said...

I'm glad to find you here and enjoyed reading your blog. I have a question for you regarding "Child of God". I lead a non-profit called WorldView International and have just returned from 3 months in Malawi, Africa - working with the beautiful children in our orphan program. I just put together a slideshow of the children to your song "Child of God" for my friends here at home. It is simply the perfect song to give these children faces - since God is the only Father they have. But now I wonder if I could I have your permission to upload it to youtube/facebook so a wider audience can see the children? 100% of all donations to our orphan program, called Chifundo's Basket, goes directly to children in Africa. You can read about it on my blog at and our website: If you would like to see the slideshow first, we can figure out how to do that.
I'm so grateful for the gifts God has given you to advance the kingdom of God!

In His love,
Patt Wadenpfuhl
WorldView International

21 September, 2008 16:47  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Hi Patt,

I'd be thrilled for you to use 'Child of God' and upload it onto YouTube. Thank you so much for using the song - and way more importantly, thank you for what you are doing!!!

God bless you as you continue to serve Him!


21 September, 2008 19:49  
Anonymous Patt Wadenpfuhl said...

You have an open, generous heart! I'll send you the link as soon as it's up. And if you like, I can tell you about the children - they are not faceless or nameless. But they have been fatherless and voiceless. Not any more.

Mulungu Akudalitseni! God bless you.
Love in Him,

PS - I'm also thrilled to find out that you're a Northern Ireland girl:) I'm Belfast born myself ( a loooooong time ago:) - immigrated to the US when I was young. But next time I'm home I'll be heading to Coleraine for church!

22 September, 2008 12:16  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Thank you so much Patt :)

God richly, richly bless you!!!!!


p.s. we would love to meet you any time you are over - always a pleasure to meet someone else from home who is out there doing the stuff!!!

22 September, 2008 13:36  
Anonymous Patt Wadenpfuhl said...


The slideshow of the kids is up on youtube - you can view it at:

If we're following Jesus, we're all doing the stuff aren't we? - no matter where we are. I once sat in the Mikea forest of southern Madagascar,where we are working with a primitive hunter-gatherer people, listening to "Hungry" on my ipod at the end of a long, scorching hot day. When I travel there are a couple of CDs that replenish and express my soul. This is one of them - your songs, msot of all. I'm glad I can say thank you.

And tonight I just discovered your song - "Will justice reign?" . I sat with tears rolling down my face. I see so many faces when I close my eyes and listen to those words - so many faces, with empty, desperate eyes.

But I choose to walk the narrow way and touch a broken world with mercy. Because I love Him and He loves them. I do it for His glory, and for the satisfaction of His beautiful, loving heart.

love in Jesus,

24 September, 2008 02:40  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

Patt, I'm going to check out youtube right now - but before I do, I wanted to encourage you!!!

It's reaching out to those the Lord reaches out to that makes our worship true - it's that that makes our worship more than music. Reaching out looks like touching the poor; it looks like healing the sick; it looks like reminding others that they have it in them, when the Spirit of God is in them, to do the very same.

God bless you over and again!!!


p.s. thank you so much for your encouragement to me on the writing side of things - I'm so thrilled that the Lord has used those songs to minister to you like He has - it's wonderful!

24 September, 2008 12:07  
Anonymous Patt Wadenpfuhl said...

Hi Kathryn, I've been working on getting the Child of God slideshow up with better quality. Not always easy on youtube. But I think this works - with some new pictures and less distortion. Check it out again if you can at

love and blessings,

03 October, 2008 17:48  

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