Wednesday, September 03, 2008

new live album!!!

I just got the art work this week for a new live album - and I'm starting to feel pretty excited about it :)

In June this year I had the privilege of leading worship at a ladies' event in Belfast called 'Focusfest'. There were about 2000 girls there - and we had the most wonderful times of worship and teaching together. Rebecca Manley Pippert was the main speaker - and she was outstanding!!!! She's the lady who wrote 'Out of the Salt Shaker' some years ago now - what a lady, and what a communicator! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and getting to listen to what she taught!

The other cool thing about the conference was that the worship was recorded :) I've done live recordings before where the whole point of the evening was to record an album... some of you might have been at some of them :) What I haven't done before is go to lead worship at a conference where a recording is happening, but it's not what the event is about - it's a different kettle of fish! For a start, you can't stop in the middle of a song when you get it wrong and go from the top to get it right... which you sometimes have to in a live recording! SO, this album has a wonderful feel about it - with just a couple of warts (provided by me mostly!!!! :)

Actually, I really think that if you love worship you'll enjoy this album - it has more of a worship experience feel about it than the studio stuff I've done (although I love that too :)

If you buy it when it comes out, I would love to hear your thoughts - even if you don't like it :)

p.s. you can listen to some bits of it on the integrity website to give you an idea...


Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

forgot to let you know that the link you'll need is

K :)

03 September, 2008 10:44  
Blogger steve + kate said...

i have just recently discovered you and...i just wanted to let you know how much i truly enjoy listening to you! "i belong" speaks volumes to me at this time in my life.
~kate h.

03 September, 2008 14:16  
Blogger Ellen said...

I'm so excited about this new album! I love listening to live worship and the samples on the website sound great. Your music is such a blessing to me.
On a another note, are you planning on doing the Worship Internship program again in coming years?
Thank you!

Ellen :)

11 September, 2008 01:53  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

thank you so much guys - the encouragement means such a lot to me!!!

Ellen, thank you for your question about the worship internship. We decided not to run it this year - because I'm going to be doing a lot more worship leading in various places - and working on the next studio album - a big year :)

We are running a mission's school in our church though, called 'Enounter' - it's planned to start next month or so. If that's something that you might be interested in (or if you know some one that might like to consider applying), you can check out our church website for all the info.


11 September, 2008 21:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Kathryn!
I love your music and albums, and I definitely am excited about this live album (especially with "Nothing But the Blood" on it!).

Is this album going to be released in the US by any chance? I can't order from the Integrity UK website and couldn't find it anywhere else for the US.

16 September, 2008 13:44  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

I don't know if it's going to be in the States or not - I will try and find out. In the meantime, when I get some of the tracks on my computer, I'll put them up on Myspace - then at least you can have a little listen :)


16 September, 2008 18:23  
Anonymous Angela Hunt said...

To USA readers:

I just pre-ordered Kathryn's new live album on Kingsway. This was after much investigation. :O) It is one of the few sites that ships internationally.

Here is the exact link to her CD:

God bless!


21 September, 2008 02:39  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...


thank you so much for finding this out - and for letting everyone else know too - that's brilliant stuff!!

Now I just hope you all like it :)


21 September, 2008 13:46  

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