Tuesday, September 09, 2008

November tour

I'm still in that in between stage of the autumn - with one daughter back at school, and my littlest waiting patiently to begin next week.

SO, I feel like I'm juggling a little more than usual - trying to get as much done as I can in the quieter moments of the day - those of you know Emily Joy (my youngest) though, will be aware that there aren't too many of those moments when she is around :)

One of the things I'm just starting to think through is the November tour with Brian Doerksen. I'm really, really looking forward to doing this!!! It's going to be across Canada, and then finish up with the CMS event in Seattle, WA.

As soon as I know the 'where's and the when's' I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I hope you're all doing great - and that the rhythm of this time of year is starting to take hold...


Blogger Kokila said...

I wanted to find out who Paul Baloche was doing duets in Greater Song. Finally I did! And what a discovery! :)
God bless and all the best in everything!

13 September, 2008 14:02  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

thank you so much :)


16 September, 2008 18:22  
Blogger Chris Naish said...

I too would like to compliment you on your work on Paul Baloche's A Greater Song album. I am the lead guitarist in my local church's worship team, and this month we just brought Hungry back up out of our archive songs into our evolving set list - I'm really looking forward to playing it (it's actually a new one for me!...I'm newer to the team).

God bless and thank you for giving your wonderful voice to His Kingdom to sing God's praises! May Jesus envelop you in all you do! :)

Chris Naish
Culpeper, VA, USA

17 September, 2008 12:25  
Blogger Kathryn Scott said...

thank you too!!! It's so encouraging to hear different stories of what the Lord is doing with songs - it's pretty mindblowing to me :)

I hope you really enjoy playing 'Hungry' as well....


18 September, 2008 11:59  
Blogger Lara Marriott said...

I am super excited to see you and Brian at the CMS Conference!!! So glad that you are coming back!

19 September, 2008 04:19  

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